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D r i n a  r iver

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Serbian singer and composer

Winner of the Golden Badge for Culture for 1992

Albums and books

The book is in hardcover in B5 format

with music CD.

Prepared and sung by: Ljuba Manasijević

The book contains 11 poems from Nemanjić courts in Serbian and English, biographies of rulers, their endowments, lyrics and notes.

Prominent edition

Singing lessons

I invite thоsе who are interested in Serbian and Helm (Balkan) traditional singing and/or playing keyboards in Serbian idioms to apply via e-mail for individual singing/playing lessons. 

Classes will be held online.

Also, I am willing for coоperation, composing music, writing lyrics and creating songs and poetry with musicians, singers and song  writers in the field of world and applied ethno music.

НАДА ПЕВА САМНОМ1990-min.jpg

Newsletter coming soon. If you want to apply, leave us your email via the contact form on the site.

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