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Ljubomir Ljuba Manasijević was born in Belgrade.

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At the age of 13, he started going to a private accordion school and took the first place out of about seventy students during one season.


Later he attended guitar, piano and solo singing classes.


At the age of 17, he became a member of the Cultural society "Gradimir Mihajlović" and later of the Cultural society "Đoka Pavlović".

As a high school student, he performed with the professional orchestra "Golubica" and the ensemble "Beograd". During this period he creates his first compositions.

He graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade, while working in the music profession.


As a singer, musician and composer, he reflects on different musical styles.


The first song entitled "Slobodo" (Freedom), which hints at the future focus of his inspirations in national and patriotic art, was composed in 1979.

It is followed by "To je moja Šumadija" (That is my Shumadia) and "Nebo je visoko Srbijo" (The sky is high, Serbia).

In 1989, the compositions "Vostani Serbije" (Rise Serbia) based on the verses of Dositej Obradović were created, and the original song "Oh, Kosovo, Kosovo". In 1999 a cycle of patriotic songs was completed with the song "Moj Beograd" (My Belgrade).

His role models are great Serbian poets and composers.


Ljuba is the winner of The Golden Badge, for merits in Serbian culture, of the Cultural and Educational Association of the Republic of Serbia.

Ljuba lives and works in Belgrade.


Discography and bibliography

  • "Dunav mi je sve što imam" (The Danube is all I have), single album released by Beograd Disk in 1978

  • "Čikago kolo" (Chicago kolo) LP, self-published, in Chicago in 1983

  • "Vostani Serbije" (Rise Serbia) cassette/CD, self-published in 1990 in Belgrade

  • "Otadžbina Serbija" (Fatherland Serbia) cassette/CD, self-published in 1993 in Belgrade

  • "Iznad Istoka i Zapada" (Above the East and the West) cassette/CD, author's edition in 1997 in Belgrade

  • For the book and CD entitled "Iznad Istoka i Zapada", reminiscent of the Middle Ages, he received a charter from the Society "6th April” from Belgrade

  • At the end of 2017, "Serbian Songbook" was published with 20 composed songs on his own verses and verses by famous Serbian patriotic poets

  • Ethno music CD "Orlov kladenac" (Eagle's well) is in preparation

Concerts and guest appearances

He held solo concerts in Belgrade, Negotin, Prishtina, Peja, Ćuprija, Subotica, Kruševac, Despotovac, Vranje, Novi Sad, Obrenovac, Ub, Vršac, Vrnjačka Banja, Chicago, Paris, London, Zurich, Bielefeld, Bautzen (among Luzice Serbs) in St. Petersburg, Gatchina and Kingisept (Russia) and has been a guest in various programs throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Europe, USA and Canada.

He was a guest in USA at the Ethnofolk Festivals (Chicago, New York, Wisconsin, Mendozino) as an instructor for Serbian music and Serbian song.

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